Our Architecture

We stand for self-explanatory architecture. We focus on the building's relationship to its environment and the people. We belive that by combining our expertise with our passion for designing structures and details we are able to create spaces that positively affect us. We are result driven and solve complicated tasks in time, budget and quality.

Over the last years we have succesfully collaborated with industry leading architects. Among others with: Foster & Partners (The Murezzan, Chesa Futura, Kulm Eispavillion), Diamond Schmitt Architects, Studio Jacques Garcia, Christian Liaigre, Antonio Citterio. These valuable collaborations have further developed our knowledge and expertise. We are eager to get fresh perspectives and learn more every day.

Our Services

Architecture and Design

We cover the full spectrum of architecture with a strong expertise for sustainable building and ecological structures. We create interiors and furniture.

Construction management

We have a strong track record of delivering properties of highest quality on time and in budget.

General planer

Responsibility of the construction site and daily operations. Contracting of all parties involved.

Feasibility studies

Assessment of local laws, financial criterias, and other factors impacting the execution of a project.

Real Estate Consultancy

Buy, sell and invest with us. We offer you a unique access to the swiss market.

Our Team

Küchel Architects was founded in 1989 and counts 35 employees today with offices in St. Moritz and Zürich.

  • Arnd Küchel
    — Dipl.-Ing. Arch ETH, Head
  • Bettina Braun
    — Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, Managing Director St. Moritz
  • Ulrich Schroff
    — Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, Managing Director St. Moritz
  • Andreas Baumgärtner
    — Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, Managing Director Zürich
  • Arion von Meiss
    — Dipl.-Ing. Arch EPFL Project Manager
  • Peter Földi
    — MSc Arch, Project Manager
  • Camilla Peterlongo
    — MSc Arch, Project Manager
  • Laszlo Rozsas
    — MSc Arch, Project Manager
  • Konrad Roslak
    — MSc Arch, Project Manager
  • — Carla Salis Testa, Administration
  • — Ulrike Brutloff, Dipl.-Ing. Architektur
  • — Martina Schroff, Dipl.-Ing. Architektur FH
  • — Peter Schweiger, staatl. gepr. Bautechniker
  • — Arion von Meiss, Dipl.-Ing. Arch EPFL
  • — Zalan Bartha, MSc Arch
  • — Daniel Béasse, BArchSc
  • — Marco Dos Santos, MSc Arch
  • — Timothy Rhyder, MSc Arch
  • — Giulia Da Ros, MSc Arch
  • — Maciej Kubik, MSc Arch
  • — Nicola Tognoni, MSc Arch
  • — Nathalie Gerber, MSc Arch
  • — Patrizia Marini, Bauzeichner EFZ
  • — Teresa Gross, MSc Arch
  • — Kenan Jasarevic, MSc Arch
  • — Irene Curatolo, MSc Arch
  • — Lucas Krieg, Zeichner EFZ
  • — Ekaterina Ageeva, MAS ARCH
  • — Nicholas Ashby, MArch
  • — Luca Biel, Zeichner EFZ
  • — Fabienne Büchi, Arch Intern
  • — Marina Blatter, Arch Intern
  • — Maxima Rutz, Arch Intern
  • — Moreno Triulzi, Arch Intern