Moncler Shop Gstaad
„The goal was to root a global brand in its local alpine environment“
Project details
  • Location:
    — Gstaad
  • Year:
    — 2017
  • Surface:
    — 120 m2
  • Photography:
    — Moncler
A new store concept was designed for Moncler. Our puristic approach putting natural rough materials first, allowed us to root a global brand locally and to create a more genuine shopping experience for Moncler in an alpine environment. The rough granite stone slabs from the canton of Ticino appear as a rock face and were chosen with a dominant white color and strong grey veins in order to maintain a cosy but not too dark atmosphere. Two tree trunks made of charred cedar Cedrus Libani and Cupressus Macrocarpa counter-balance the granite walls and floors and appear as art work in the shop. They are complemented by two freestanding rocks with shiny black resin top on which accessoires are displayed. This combination of natural elements in the shop reinforces the vivid and genuine shopping experience. The shelves, lamps and black steel wall elements were particularly designed for the shop. Sunglasses and other accessoires are displayed within the black steel walls whose backlit round windows with filigree tree branches create a flexible system to display multiple and different items.
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